Use a Different DCSID


Selecting Divert data from the following domain or subdomain causes the tag to compare each of the domain names in the accompanying text box with the current domain (hostname). The text box contains a comma-separated list of domain names. If a match is found (case insensitive), then the DCSID in the accompanying text box is used in place of DCSID specified in the Basic Settings tab. This allows you override the default DCSID on a per domain basis.

This work is performed by an anonymous function in the Webtrends constructor Webtrends.


Suppose your web site is hosted on and the DCSID is dcs5w0txb10000wocrvqy1nqm_6n1p.

But, for pages hosted on, you want to use the DCSID dcsmj0egkbydgs9fm8qjgdkm8_3b5h instead.

Do this by entering in the domains text box, and entering dcsmj0egkbydgs9fm8qjgdkm8_3b5h in the DCSID text box.

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